The value of human talent


What actions do you carry out from your area and your position, which are reflected in the designated topic?

From the Human Talent area, we are aware that the management of Human Resources in companies has changed dramatically over the years. Previously, human resources departments were focused on exclusive functions, such as hiring, payroll, and benefits. But now, companies are beginning to understand the positive impact of having a team of qualified employees committed and involved with the organization’s goals. That is why from the Human Talent area at La Meseta, we focus on the training of our employees since it is of great importance to have people in constant growth who contribute significantly to the achievement of the organization’s objectives.

For La Meseta, it is imperative to support and be part of the professional growth processes of its employees, which is why we strive to provide them with adequate training and put to their disposal programs that help them enhance their skills. Many of these programs are developed in agreement with the National Learning Service SENA, which gives our employees a wide variety of training programs focused on agriculture and rural areas. In addition, La Meseta has established agreements with universities that have programs also focused on agriculture and caring for the quality of products. These entities have become great allies in training matters for our company. 

Thanks to this, at La Meseta, we find a balance between the development of our collaborators, the human approach, and the achievement of organizational goals, providing our collaborators with high-impact knowledge and training at all levels.

We also have a scholarship program to encourage our employees regardless of the degree of previous education. We start from an inclusive program for the illiterate, whom we train directly in our company, followed by programs to complete the Baccalaureate, continue with professional careers and higher education. 

We are aware that talent within the Company has a better development if their roles are performed with leadership. Taking this into account, the strengthening of soft skills is also part of our list of programs.

At La Meseta, we are interested in our employees and fostering their development, motivating them to pursue careers within the Company. Our main objective is the growth of our employees within the Company. 

From your area, how would you highlight the importance of this issue, focusing educationally, for people who do not have a deep education on this matter?

In the Meseta, we encourage them with their own example, when they see their colleagues develop and rise. It is very gratifying for us to see that our people grow in the Company, we are happy for our employees, and that is why we will always continue to promote development in people. We are aware that if we allow our employees to improve their skills and enrich their knowledge while they work, we contribute to having work teams more prepared to face the challenges, objectives, and goals of the Company.

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