From standard coffee to export-type coffee


We are responsible for transforming dry parchment coffee into an excellent type of export; the concept of quality is implicit within this duty. The same one that should be a reference of what La Meseta is: «A company committed to the excellent quality of Colombian coffee.»

What does it depend on whether my coffee can be exportation type?

Having excellent agricultural behavior in the cultivation of coffee is not only a series of ways and good practices; many values ​​of our identity and tradition must be transmitted.

We highlight from our coffee growers all those virtues and knowledge that provide the fundamental conditions for the cultivation, benefit, and storage of the grain. These good customs are the ones that have potentiated a product that the world has known how to recognize and Compañía Cafetera la Meseta makes this task possible. Cultivate, benefit, commercialize, transform, and export are the presence of this great company as a line of purposeful value to our dedicated coffee growers. «We make it happen.»

Is your production only for farms that have a large number of hectares?

Not necessarily the export of excelso is due to large crops; La Meseta can commercialize with coffee growers who have small plots or few produced quantities of C.P.S (dry parchment coffee)

What is the difference between local coffee and coffee that is exported?

The quality characteristics of coffee for local consumption versus that for exportation are different. We must consider the economic capacity of international markets to pay much more money for better quality coffee; in this way, the national roasters are in charge of commercializing the lower lines resulting from the transformation processes.

What should I do if I want my farm to produce high-quality coffee?

  • Implement good practices in the crop.
  • Have excellent pest control.
  • Harvest ripe grains.
  • Peel, pulp, and separate floats.
  • Ferment, wash, and dry.
  • Store and market.
  • Transform (thresh and prepare the excellent export type)

You must feel passion for a product that represents us globally, a product that does not need people to speak the same language, follow the same religion, have the same culture. The only thing these people want is to delight their palate with an exquisite cup of Colombian coffee.

  1. From your area, how would you highlight the importance of this topic? Approaching it in an educational way for people who do not have a deep education on this matter but want to take their first steps to learn and enter the world of coffee production in alliance with La Meseta.

Many organizations work daily to generate coffee culture, implement educational, social, and agronomic support programs.

As a company, we are not the exception; we have professionals in all areas that involve this feeling called coffee «Planting, marketing, transformation, quality and export» people who are proud to be part of the Meseta Coffee Company.

Always ready to accompany, educate and generate spaces that build on the foundations of those grandparents who gave us this land of illusions and dreams.

Passion: «La Meseta Coffee Company is the result of things well done.»

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