Coffee has been the central axis of the economy in many regions of our country for almost 100 years. It is a product through which commerce, transportation, infrastructure, and many more sectors of the national economy grew. A flagship product of Colombia and to which we want to give back all that it has given us and that after decades of production, we have not developed to make it more efficient and sustainable. It is sad to see how the agricultural vocation has changed. We prefer to switch to another product or a livestock activity on the farms because the product is no longer profitable.

From our development area, we want to turn coffee farming into a profitable, sustainable agribusiness friendly to the environment and society. To continue being that generator of employment with agricultural work worthy of the new generations. Colombia is a developing country, and its great wealth is in the field and the sage administration that we make of its resources.

As they do with other products such as sugarcane, palm, rice, among others, the production of coffee needs innovation in machinery and equipment that helps with the work of the crop.  Fertilization, control of pests and weeds, conservation of soils, and their nutritional properties, renovations by planting and harvesting the fruit are some of the things coffee needs.

Every day we face the reality of not having machinery on the market designed and adapted for our agricultural activities. That is why we saw with great motivation the opportunity to develop our own technology, applied not only to machines but also to operations and in this way to see the farms as a great production line that does not rest, that works day and night, every day, with all the resources that nature provides us. That is why innovation becomes our best ally, and with it, we go hand in hand developing our own production system.

What do we expect? To adapt to nature and with people. To make those tasks that have been so arduous and require so much effort friendlier and more technological, develop the field through the training of its people. A young man in the 21st century will prefer to train to operate a computer through his smartphone and not carry a hoe and a machete. Caring for our planet has become a priority. All of our actions must aim to guarantee the conservation of the environment and deliver all our developments to the country’s coffee growers so that those farms can flourish again and share the delicious aroma of the best coffee with the whole world.

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